Modern agriculture and biosecurity

Todays modern agriculture has many disinfection needs, as impurities in water, air and surfaces can be an expensive acquaintance in the form of illness and dissatisfaction.

Impurities in water af treated effectively with UV light:

  • All kinds of bacteria, germs, virusses and fungi
  • Easily mounted into existing water string
  • Plant from 300 – > 21.000 liters per. hour

Contamination protection of air:
Active and passive devices neutralizes effectively:

  • Bacteria, virusses and fungi

Typically used for:

  • Access spaces and A.I. rooms
  • Changingrooms and bathrooms
  • Intake air to the stables through the chimney, valves and ducts
  • Ventilation air from eg. washing plants, quarantine stables etc.

The end with snot and mucus in feed and water tanks.

UV light is effective at keeping all types of tanks and containers clean of fungi, bacteria and coatings.

Typically used for:

  • Feed tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Buffer tanks
  • Storage tanks in general



Denmarks largest ventilation system with UV treatment on the air intake, have taken biosecurity to a new level.
The system at Molsgaard is dimensioned, delivered and in stalled in a collaboration between SKOV and NATDIS. All ventilation on the farm has been converted into a controlled overpressure system, so that the air is controlled and unintentional intake of infected air is avoided.

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