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Rent our hand training monitor for a month and finish with good hand hygiene. It is never as good as you think, before you start training it!

Hand hygiene training raises the level significantly

Rent our hand hygiene training monitor – contact us at

To use the hand training monitor:

  • Add 1-2 pumps of the fluorescent hand sanitizer / soap / lotion and distribute it as in a normal thorough hand disinfectant
  • Place your hands in the cabinet so that they are fully covered, the entire surface of both hands should shine evenly. Repeat part 1, if necessary, until the entire surface is evenly lit
  • Wash your hands thoroughly, dry them and check again in the cabinet. The areas that are still glowing are not washed sufficiently
  • Learn the best technique for washing your hands below
  • Repeat if necessary and look for improvements


Training of properly performed hand hygiene works:



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