The Video Corner

Here you can learn more about what is happening in the field of disinfection with UV light. We talk about everything from behaviors to important points when you are considering disinfecting with light.

Why is UVC so effective?

There are many benefits to disinfecting with UVC light. The light can be used for both liquids, surfaces and air.

This is how we work with UVC light

Hear more about how we work with UVC light and how to find the right dimensioning.

What is UVC light?

Light isn´t just light - hear Karsten explain what UVC light is.

How does an UVC lamp work?

Watch Karsten explain how a UVC lamp works and how we ensure that we get the desired results.

Safe use of glass in productions

With a special Teflon coating, we make sure that you do not risk glass in the production and in the end products.

How to measure UVC light

See how to measure UVC light and how effectively a thin glass stops the light.

Safety when working with UVC light

It is simple to protect yourself effectively from UVC light when working with it - see more about here.

Become better at washing hands

Hand hygiene is important to reduce infection and prevent contamination.

UVC tunnels for 360° disinfection

Find inspiration of what to and how to use UVC tunnels for disinfection purposes of almost any goods.

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