What can UVC disinfection be used for?

UVC light works where it arrives and it works by damaging DNA/RNA in the cell structure. As it is light, it can not distinguish between good and bad, but instead our task is to position it in a way so that the efficiency is high, but without risk to the people/animals that move.

Shortly explained, UVC light can be used to disinfect air, liquids and surfaces.

We are good at this. By gathering information, doing a problem analysis and clarifying needs with you, we will find the right solution.

We can reduce the occurence of viruses, bacteria, yeasts / molds in almost every conceivable area; eg. food production, technical production environments and the pharmaceutical department.

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We have solved many different tasks such as:

  • Securing all incoming air for propagation herds against PRRS virus with direct pressure (slight overpressure) and negative pressure systems
  • Securing access to high hygiene rooms for staff, active and passive systems against viruses and bacteria
  • Securing access for staff from high-risk rooms
  • Decontamination of air from high-risk rooms
  • Decontamination of rooms in connection with the production of sensitive products
  • Decontamination of rooms after contamination in connection with stopping production
  • Decontamination of rooms during production in relation to aerosols, particles etc.
  • Surface hygiene in connection with the packaging of high-hygiene products
  • Direct processing of food, juice-salmon-sausages etc. against e.g. fungi and bacteria
  • Direct processing of technical aids in various productions
  • Direct processing of packaging, raw materials in packaging, tools and consumables in sluice solutions

Something all solutions have in common is that they are based on a needs analysis and adapted solution to the current needs, e.g. desire for reduction in log 1,2,3,4, conditions of use on temperature and humidity. We always offer a final measurement with registration of UVC level and quality according to needs analysis.


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Fully automatic skuise solution for large goods

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