UVC tunnel – safe disinfection of surfaces

Raise the level of hygiene significantly when using a UVC tunnel. Get up to 360° disinfection on surfaces.

A UVC tunnel is an effective and safe method for an automatic and contact-free disinfection, which can be scaled as needed and desired.

Here you get a 99% disinfection on 360° of the surfaces, in all types of environments and it is;

  • Contact-free
  • Chemistry-free
  • Without waiting
  • Automated

UVC disinfection in tunnels can be used to treat surfaces of boxes, bags, sacks, bottles, tubes, rolls, packages. Use it for raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products in packaging or with a solid surface.

The UVC tunnel can as standard be controlled with;

    • Adjustable belt speeds
    • Level control of UVC intensity with sensors
    • 360° treatment through loops or waterfall

UVC dose is dimensioned to deactivate;

  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Fungi


MicroorganismUVC dose in j/m2 for 99% reduction on surfacesBelt speed on 0,5 m/sBelt speed on 1,5 m/s
Corona CV-250Very good effectVery good effect
Corona Sars250Very good effectModerate, increase UVC dose
African swine flu100Very good effectGood, consider increasing the UVC dose
E-coli100Very good effectGood, consider increasing the UVC dose
Hepatitis200Very good effectModerate, increase UVC dose
Polio virus150Very good effectModerate, increase UVC dose
Legionella52Very good effectVery good effect
Salmonella50Very good effectVery good effect
Staphylococcus 125Very good effectGood, consider increasing the UVC dose
Streptococcus125Very good effectGood, consider increasing the UVC dose

Together we determine the level of disinfection, time consumption in the process and requirements for the function.

The system is delivered with PLC control with several layers, setup with alarms, sensors, and the option of reading logs.


UVC tunnel
UVC tunnel for items into pharmaceutical production. Flexible and compact solution on wheels, that can be easily repositioned as needed.


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