UVC light

UV-light is a general term for several wavelengths and covers UVA, UVB and UVC. The part of the UV light that can be used for disinfection is the UVC light. It can be used to disinfect air, liquid and surfaces, and it can benefit you and your business.

Light is waves, and light can have different wavelengths. The different wavelengths are divided into several different intervals, including the visible light, which among other things gives us various colors. Some wavelengths are called UV light, which means ultraviolet light, and they can be used to disinfect.

It is the type of UV light called UVC that is used to disinfect. You can read more about how UVC light works here.

Light is a very flexible way to disinfect, which can be implemented almost anywhere. We have already installed our custom-made solutions at a large number of different companies with very different challenges.

Common to them is that they wanted an effective and environmentally friendly way to disinfect. Read more about, what you can disinfect using UVC light here.

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