These waterproof pocket meters from LAQUAtwin provide accurate measurements of various ions. The meter can be used in liquid, solid or powder samples, and uses a unique flat sensor with an ion selective membrane. Simply drip a few drops on the sensor for quick results. It is not necessary to dilute or prepare the sample in advance, as these meters have a wide measuring range. The samples can be as small as 0.3 ml.

LAQUAtwin meters are suitable for research and industry in various fields, such as agriculture and food companies:

  • Automatic calibration function recognises standards and can be selected for use with either 1- or 2-point calibrations.
  • Automatic interval change, temperature compensation.
  • Automatic switch-off after 30 minutes.
  • Easy to use, very convenient for quick on-site use.
  • Use of sampling sheets, allows measurements in microsamples as small as 0.05 ml.
Conductivity (EC)Conductivity (EC)Conductivity (EC)Salt (NaCl)
Minimum sample volume0,12 ml0,12 ml0,12 ml0,12 ml
Maximum calibration points2332
Temperature/ Resolution-0-50,0 ºC (0,1ºC)0-50,0 ºC (0,1ºC)0-50,0 ºC (0,1ºC)
Sodium Ion (Na+)Potassium Ion(K+)Nitrate Ion (NO3-)Calcium Ion (CA2+)
Minimum sample volume0,3ml (0,05 with sampling sheets)0,3ml (0,05 with sampling sheets)0,3ml (0,05 with sampling sheets)0,3ml (0,05 with sampling sheets)
Maximum calibration points2222
Temperature/ Resolution 0-50,0 ºC (0,1ºC)0-50,0 ºC (0,1ºC)0-50,0 ºC (0,1ºC)0-50,0 ºC (0,1ºC)

LAQUAtwin meters

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On YouTube you can see a review of two LAQUAtwin meters. The videos show calibration, measurement and maintenance of:

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