An investment that will benefit both your company and the environment.

Light is not just light. Using the correct light will enable you to disinfect almost anything in an efficient and environmental friendly way.

Our bespoke solution with UVC light can disinfect water, air and surface, and will benefit your goals for disinfection in farming, industry, healthcare and almost anywhere.

Let us show you, how you can benefit the use of UVC

We deliver bespoke solutions for you. This way you get the optimal solution for the use of UVC light every time.

What can UVC disinfection be used for?

UVC light is a flexible and environmental friendly way of disinfection. The light can be used in almost any business and line or work - big or small.

Rent an UVC unit at NATDIS

It is possible to rent equipment from NATDIS if you need a short term solution. We also gladly help demonstrate the concept if you are interested in our products.

Bespoke and scaleable solutions

We deliver solutions optimized to your business and need. This means that we carefully process the information from you into a system dimensioned to your exact requirements.

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