Disinfection of drinking water with UV light

Drinking water is one of our most important resources. Water which unfortunately is increasingly burdened with bacterial growth, and germ problems, making it unsuitable for both human and animal.

drinking water


Remove problems with bacteria in water without using chemicals

Content of germs and bacteria in the water, affects the taste of drinking water. In animal production it can have a direct effect on their well-being.
We have solutions for the company’s water system, which easily can be adapted into your existing water system. Solutions with UV light removes bacteria and germs in the water without the use of chemicals. By installing a UVC module on the water system, you can ensure that the water is clean and free of bacteria.

We also have solutions for systems with circulation, such as garden ponds or water systems in stables. Circulation ensures against the growth of bacteria and germ counts.

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ModelCapacity liters per. hourTemp.Drinking waterModel for oils, emulsion etc.
ND Water 5004002-40x
ND Water 10001.0002-40x
ND Water 4000 HHC4.0002-90xPro edition ~1000 l/h
ND Water 21000 HHC21.0002-90xPro edition ~5-8000 l/h


Our UV units

Together we will find the right solution for your company. We choose the unit based on various parameters, including how much water to be treated per hour, and what degree of disinfection you want. The UV unit is compact and easy to install into your existing system. You get a system that is easy to maintain, without use of tools and it is made of stainless steel. If there is a need for disinfection of liquids of different characters and not just water, we also have a solution for that.

drinking water

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