Counceling and covering of needs related to UVC solutions

Our long experience with numerous visits to industry and agriculture, has given us a wide knowledge of how and where action can be taken, in relation to pollution.

Your company can benefit from that.

Spend a day with us and get specific input for improvements that pay off.


Concrete tasks or a trip through the “engine room”?

If you have a specific task that can be solved with UVC light, we will go through it with you. If there is a need for it, we will come and look it through thoroughly.

We can be involved in the process all the way, from drawing and specifying equipment to your production. Or for problem solving on specific tasks in an already existing installation.

It could be disinfection of air, liquids or surfaces

  • in and of rooms
  • in and of machines
  • in and of processes

All of which we know a lot about.


A trip through your company could go like this

visit will usually take place by us following you into your production as a normal guest, where we observe and clarify the risks we see and the routines that may be subject to errors and misunderstandings.


Here the focus will typically be on:

  • Access facilities
  • Routines for access
    • Footwear
    • Hand washing
    • Changing room
    • Use of rooms, placement of doors, ventilation etc.
  • Ensuring the implementation of procedures
  • Guidance of visitors etc.


Example of a sluice with UV and air treatment, which replaces manual handling with disinfection


Review of facilities / procedures for receiving goods for production.  Here we review the handling of goods from arrival to production, until the products have reached their final destination in production.

  • Handling of products on arrival
  • The product’s path into production
  • Handling of pallets, cardboard, plastic etc.
  • Staffs routes in connection with receiving the goods
  • Use of aids

Review of routines for delivery of goods / products from production, same principle as above.


Test it

At the end of the visitwe will review what we have found that can be optimized, just as we will help locate where you get the greatest effect for the least effort. During the visitwe can take simple swaps of relevant areas, for identification of contamination hazard or cleaning problems. There can be tested for many specific strains, such as salmonella, coliform bacteria, MRSA, and many others on a specific request. We can also take standard swaps for germs and yeast/mold. It just needs to be agreed on before the visit.

Example of quantifiable Salmonella test



A few days after the visit, you will receive a brief report, with what has been found relevant for future efforts. This report is made in point form stating our recommendation for prioritization. In addition, 1-2 solutions are given for each point.


Contact us for offers on a custom-made solution for you.

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